Sweet Little sixteen: 

1974 at the tender age of 16 years everything

in his life was rebooted. Werner Prackwieser started his first

musical steps as a drummer and singer.

Early 80s, he played the guitar with the Speedy Weekend Band,

Werner Prackwieser changed not only the instrument

he also extended with heavy rock music genre.

The greatest successe of the Speedy Weekend Band

was the Austrian tour together with Eric Burdon and the special

gigs with Birth Control (Gamma Ray).

Coming from a family of photographers Werner did his master

of photography successfully when he was 19.

His stage name PHOTO is self explanatory from there.


Speedy Weekend Band


The big change:

Another big turn did happen in the mid 80's, Werner Prackwieser

discovered his talent for filming. At his musical field he took a step

into the studio and during the 80s successfully was one part of the pop duo Ron & Jon, an innovative electro and techno tunes performance.


Ron & Jon


Television, Internet and video clips:

By the first internationally renowned snowboard event Air & Style in 1992, Werner was well known in the scene of snowboarding and hold right foot and produced for the following 18 years many different snowboard clips and videos, broadcasted at TV stations such as ORF, Euro Sport, DSF ...



Check out the Album Photo in Lounge - High.















Website :  Prackwieser - Kern

Facebook :  Werner Prackwieser

Soundcloud : Photo & PHOTO in LOUNGE

Werner filled up his portfolio continuously. In 1995 he made first furore as a TV pirate of Austria. Together with his partner Mike Kern he went with the 

Super Regional television for over 10,000 households on air.

The first real 3D Commercial on ORF - a "laughing Elmex Tube


1998 Werner produced for the Air & Style Company, a global Sales video with the skate legend Tony Hawk. With the fashion and lifestyle magazine Chilly, Werner set in the Tyrolean TV world new standards and produced a total amount of 200 Chilly episodes for the TV station “Tirol TV”. 

Since 2007 Werner Prackwieser and Mike Kern shoot and create full HD videos for the Web. 


Entry into Lounge and House area. In 2002 PHOTO managed to enter the Lounge and House area. One of his most famous works 

"We are so beautiful" can be found on the FM4 Sound Selection 9 again. 

By FM4 Compilation music project PHOTO ft. Mousaic was abruptly announced in 2005, they 

produced their first album, many various compilations helped to the tunes of this album. 


Werner founded the Label Glass City Records and produced a lot of Albums.

His latest productions are found at :





Thank you and have a great time


Werner Prackwieser.