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Hallo dear friends of Guido's Lounge cafe.


I would love to introduce to you the `Guido´s Lounge Cafe` limited Bracelet!


It´s like the picture says, by a donation of 5 Euro or more you get a bracelet send to you, all over the world. 

Had a long thought about this and I wanted to do something special for listeners and also good friends to the Guido´s Lounge cafe. 


So here it is..

A one size bracelet in the colors Black, Green or Pink. 

The print is inlay and not to flashy. 


The way it works,


1. Donate 5 Euro or more by pressing the donation button.

2. Over here I will receive a notice that there is a donation.

3. I contact you, or you contact me.. it depends whose is faster... lol

4. you give me your address to send it too and the color you want it.

5. I notify when it´s send and will add your first name, city and country to the website.


That´s it,


If you have problems with the donation button.. contact me as well..



Guido´s Lounge Cafe

Emai to Guido's Lounge Cafe

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Sorry ... Bracelets are not longer available

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